Reducing your water and energy usage while enjoying the benefits of a backyard swimming pool can improve your overall swimming pool efficiency. Once your pool is operating at optimal efficiency, you can save a lot of time, money and effort. To achieve this, you’ll need to consider and implement several water and energy saving practices. To begin with, try to be water wise.

Be pool water wise at all times

You can be water wise in a number of ways. If you are building a pool, position it in a location that can minimise evaporation and reduce heating costs. Shade and wind can affect water temperature and usage. Another water saving tip is to install rainwater tanks to avoid topping up your pool with costly mains water. Installing and using a pool cover regularly can also save you water.

Use energy efficient pool equipment

You can start reducing energy costs for your pool by installing a smart meter and operating equipment during off-peak periods which can save you around $200 per year. That said, pool equipment such as pumps can be noisy. They can wake your neighbours or yourself up if operated overnight. To minimise noise, consider enclosing your pool equipment or situate it away from you and your neighbours’ living spaces. Another way to offset your electricity costs is to test your pumps and filtration operating times to further eco-optimise your pool’s maintenance. As far as heating goes, consider and compare heating options such as solar, gas heaters and heat pumps to work out which has better ongoing running costs and lower greenhouse emissions. The same applies to your pump, filtration and cleaning system. Ensure that they are quiet and energy efficient to reduce long term running costs. Finally, invest in a pool timer to automate and simplify pool maintenance during different seasons.

Factor in your local climate, wind, humidity & family needs

Your local climate, wind and humidity can all impact on the operational and environmental efficiency of your swimming pool, so you need to consider all of these weather factors. You’ll also need to consider your family needs. If you are going for a larger pool, remember that these need more water and energy to operate and maintain. Over lighting a swimming pool can make your pool safer at night but they add to your energy costs. Energy efficient lighting, such as solar powered outdoor LEDs, is a more efficient lighting option.

All pool owners can achieve swimming pool efficiency

Whether you are a prospective or existing pool owner, you can take steps to improve the water and energy usage and environmental performance of your pool. If you are a prospective pool owner, you can carefully weigh up all your needs to position your pool and install pool equipment in ways that save you water, energy and money right from the start. On the other hand, if you are an existing pool owner, you can still retro fit your pool with energy and water efficient equipment where practicable.