Expect a new Sparkling pool

Pauls’ Pool Care partners with local professional pool builders to customize swimming pools and install plunge pools for our clients. We major provide pool water flow circulation for swimming pools and spas.

Pool Plumbing & Pool Plunge

When you need swimming pool plumbing done, look no further than our certified and insured pool plumbing services. Our well-trained pool technicians will handle your pool plumbing needs meticulously and as per industry standards.

When you require high standard pool plumbing services, you need the assurance that skilled and experienced contractors are handling this crucial stage of pool construction. Paul’s Pool Care can provide custom services at very competitive pool plumbing costs for regular or plunge pools and spas.


New Plumbing in Pool Shell

8 x 4 M installation of skimmer box
Light & 3 x return line in steal.

Pool Plunge

Installation of pipe for a premade plunge pool
Plunge pools are generally 2–7 M in length and 2–4 M wide
Pauls Pool Care plunge pool completed

Ease Pool Management

It will be a pleasure we could provide you with long term consultation, quality chemical supply or maintenance. You always can call us if you need our assistance.
Pool Cleaning

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